Hey Mike, Why The Fuck Do You Make A Degrassi Podcast?



There are four new episodes of The Degrasscast in the pipeline so I thought I might try to briefly defend its existence. A couple of things we should get out of the way immediately; I know Degrassi is a show for teens, I know it’s a show for Canadian teens and I know it’s a show for Canadian teens written by adults who do krokodil then read the paper, regurgitate what they’ve read onto their maple syrup stained laptops and call that a script. Despite all this I watch it relentlessly, talk to my friends about it and have even started a podcast that I feel the need to defend in a blog post(!yikes!). So why do all this stuff when I know full well that there are better pieces of media I could be watching and discussing? There are a couple of reasons and I will talk about them in list form:


  1. Not a lot of other podcasts about it
  2. Most of the “good shows” on tv aren’t even “good”
  3. This show is easy for me to understand
  4. It’s fun to force meaning onto meaningless things
  5. The colors are very bright and that’s nice
  6. One or two of the actors is a good actor
  7. It feels good on my brain for some reason
  8. I no longer have any “taste” or “discretion”
  9. Everybodys got a podcast now why not me
  10. I’ve already seen the Sopranos
  11. What’s the story with Sopranos podcasts?
  12. There must be a lot of big ones already


So I hope that clears it up. The podcast is back and it’s because of the reasons listed above. I hope you like it. Sorry about the weird formatting thing with the numbers, it;s my fault but I dont care about it. Let me know if nobody’s done a good Sopranos podcast yet.



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